Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ty Carter holiday art giveaway

Just thought I'd mention, Ty Carter is having an art giveaway and it's really easy to enter and you could win really awesome free prints!
I went to his workshop at CTN, and wrote down the highlights of his panel in my last blog entry. He was really nice and took the time to talk to me later that day. If you don't enter the contest, at least check out his work at

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Back from the Abyss: CTN 2012

Wow, it's been forever since I made a post. I Just got back from CTN this last weekend. I'm going to do my best to start updating this blog more because I really need to get in the habit of drawing and developing my skill every day. I realized this past weekend that I'm not at the skill level I need to be at AND I don't work enough on a consistent basis to improve to level I want to reach.

Here are my personal take-aways from CTN 2012:

  • Invest in a Cintiq
  • Make a unique short film, especially if you want to stand out
  • Work on your branding
  • Draw more. Draw everyday.
  • Be more observant (for acting in animation)
  • Have more acting in my animation reel
  • Have a separate 2D and 3D animation reel 
    • some studios will turn you away if you only have 2D
  • Start applying now for jobs and internships
  • Don’t be afraid to show your work to anybody. Network as much as possible.
Glen Keane doing a demo at CTN

Brittney Lee doing a demo at CTN

Fix it Felix Jr at CTN

The machine actually looked old and worn

 I went to several panels at CTN. This one in particular, had several personal impacts on me. Here are some take-aways from a lecture called "Being a Professional Student" given by Ty Carter:

  • Don’t become a complete nerd, keep at least part of your social life
  • Act, don’t react
    • Always be proactive
    • Don’t act like you’re being forced to do something
    • Don’t wait to do things at the last minute
  • Organize yourself  before you make your portfolio
    • Get your life to the point where you’re at peace
    • If you organize, you’ll be ahead of everyone else
  • Dig deep and find out what you believe in, what inspires you
  • Activity vs. Efficacy: don’t waste your energy walking in place. Go somewhere!
  • Pay attention to how you use your time
  • Publicity pays off
    • Make yourself (and your work) look more important than you actually are
  • If you think you’re a student, you’ll be stuck as a student
    • Be a pro today, that’s all you have to do
  • Be a little bit selfish
    • Sometimes you’ll have to be a bit cut throat to get the job
    • Do things for you
    • Put yourself out there
    • Make some sacrifices

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sherwood Fantasy Faire Costumes

I went to the Sherwood Fantasy Faire yesterday. Here's some photos for costume reference.